Work for
the long run.

Originally founded by The Atlantic, our team’s journalistic origins influence every aspect of our work and inform the roles we play for our partners.

We are

We investigate brands from the inside out, challenging assumptions and searching for the connection points between employees, consumers, culture, and markets.

We are
change agents.

We design and build the campaigns, products, and experiences that resonate with people to make a lasting impact.

We are
growth architects.

We don't just build experiences, we make sure they are enduring, responsive, and translate into powerful business outcomes.

Our leadership team

Chris Stempky

Managing Director, Client Services

Jonah Burlingame

Senior Vice President, Experience Strategy, Research, & Analytics

Doug D’Arrigo

Executive Creative Director

Merrill Wasser

Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth

Jason Tomassini

Vice President, Editorial

Jenny Madorsky

General Manager & Vice President, Program Management & Technology

Ankita Bilolikar

Resource Director