Southern Poverty Law Center

A storied human rights organization is empowered to leverage data to eradicate hate. Product strategy, user experience design, cloud-based database migration, change management


The Southern Poverty Law Center’s research team’s role is as taxing as it is noble, spending hours each day monitoring, analyzing, and tracking hate across the internet. An outdated database had begun to hamstring their efforts, taking time and focus away from the researchers’ important work.

The Southern Poverty Law Center needed a trusted partner who could guide them through the significant design and technology challenge to turn their database from an inhibitor into a catalyst for impactful change.



Redesign the Southern Poverty Law Center’s database infrastructure and user interface into a valuable tool that saves time and enhances its research team’s impact.

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Across our work with the Southern Poverty Law Center, we kept our central mission in mind: empower their team to leverage data to eradicate hate.

Keeping the needs of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s researchers front and center, we identified their needs as well as gaps in the team’s database structure. Then we worked side by side with their team to design a product strategy and user experience that would give researchers valuable time back.

We didn’t stop there—we helped the Southern Poverty Law Center bring this vision to life. In addition to setting up the new database’s cloud-based infrastructure, we also wanted to equip the team with the tools and workflows they needed to do their work effectively. We guided the team through a comprehensive change management process that encouraged transparency, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.


The Southern Poverty Law Center’s team is now using a critical business application that was designed to empower them and facilitate their work.

Southern Poverty Law Center estimates a significant decrease in hard costs as a result of our efforts to migrate and upgrade the database.

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