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A leading federal IT firm needed a brand that reflected its commitment to outcomes—for both its clients and its people.

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The Challenge

Intact Technology approaches the federal IT space differently than competitors—but to continue gaining market share, the firm needed a brand that fully reflected this difference.

The Journey

We partnered with the firm to clearly define its position, establish its identity, and bring the new brand to life through its website, storytelling, and go-to-market efforts. The sharp and robust system reminds federal and enterprise clients to expect more from their digital transformation efforts.

The Solution

  • Brand position  
  • Messaging framework
    and brand voice
  • Visual identity 
  • Website design and development
  • Experiential design 
  • Thought leadership engine 
  • Brand launch strategy
  • Sales enablement

From digital transformation to digital evolution

Intact Technology is a growing ServiceNow consultant that unlocks digital transformation for federal and enterprise clients. Unfortunately, the transformative, outcome-based approach that Intact utilizes was not clearly nor compellingly captured through the old brand or go-to-market efforts. Complex messaging relied heavily on IT consulting creed, and visuals did not frame Intact as the visionary business that it is.


Long Dash got brought in to help.

Through an extensive brand assessment process that included stakeholder and audience interviews, a landscape analysis, and a study on disruptor brands, it became readily apparent that Intact’s commitment to outcomes was not, in fact, a novel idea. All major systems integrators and ServiceNow experts similarly tout technical expertise that leads to quantitative and transformational outcomes. 


Intact’s true differentiation rests in its entire business model, which was designed to eliminate failure in an industry where 69% of digital transformation projects do, in fact, end in failure.


Brand Positioning

Entering the landscape to uncover the difference

We started with an extensive brand assessment that included stakeholder and audience interviews, a landscape analysis, and a study on disruptor brands. Through our research, we learned that risk-averse government customers are particularly hungry for a partner that thinks beyond one-time transformation. They want—and should expect—a partner who instead has a vested interest in unlocking rapid outcomes and ongoing evolution, all the while ensuring that teams are brought along and equipped to adapt. 


Intact’s entire business model is designed to do exactly that. The company helps clients eliminate the failure that often comes with “flip of the switch” transformation endeavors, and instead moves clients to a world of sustained evolution—and hence success.


Prior to this research effort, the firm did not own a clear category—interchangeably calling themselves a federal IT consultant and an outcomes-based service provider. Our process helped them narrow in and commit to their stance: Intact is a different kind of ServiceNow consultant. 


We built upon this category statement with a brand lede statement that articulates their differentiated value in the market: 


Our business model cuts failure out of the equation—unlocking sustained digital evolution.


Together, the brand lede and category statement served as a clear north star for a refreshed messaging framework, brand personality attributes and tone of voice, a visual system, and an ongoing storytelling platform.  



Visual Identity

Evolving visually

Building from this powerful new brand position, we designed a visual identity system with custom, animated graphics, which together work to signal the difference between “the Intact way” and the way most other consultants do this work. The system is also crisp yet warm, and tech-forward yet human, akin to Intact’s work and culture.



In parallel with brand launch planning, the Long Dash team was hard at work designing and developing a new website that would lift up the Intact difference. The end-to-end experience accents the ways in which traditional consulting models leave clients “stuck” with technical debt, whereas the Intact approach enables rapid and sustained evolution. And this is exactly what federal clients need in order to achieve their missions in an ever-evolving world. 


Establishing a system

Intact’s new thought leadership engine is helping to bring this new position to market. Our goal is to establish Intact and its executives as leading voices on the need for realigned incentives across the industry: a model that can better facilitate rapid outcomes as well as long-term success. We have also developed complementary speeches, a monthly newsletter, PR efforts, and social media marketing—all in service of reinforcing this message.


Throughout the engagement, we ensured that teams were being brought along, both through learning and feedback sessions as well as step-by-step presentations. Since launch, the brand has received rave reviews from internal stakeholders and clients alike. In fact, sales and account leaders are reporting increased leads, a stronger ability to cut through the noise with a clear pitch, and positive feedback from the broader market. 



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